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hotspot & wifi access

We make your home and business wifi enabled. With all new devices like laptops,mobile phones and Ipods having wireless connctivity WIFI has become a necessity in homes and businesses.

A hotspot is any location that offers wireless internet access. This allows any person carrying a laptop or a WiFi-enabled cellphone to access the internet from a hotspot.

The, a division of Triple S Solutions, is the first company in South Africa to offer mobile hotspots therefore users of the do not need to travel with their laptops to access the net all they need is their cellphones. Increase sales by 30%.

Studies conducted in the United States show that stores with hotspots generate 30% more revenue than their competitors.

Wi-Fi is an international standard and virtually all laptops, cellular phones and iPods have built-in Wi-Fi adaptors. This enables customers to access the internet and their business or home networks and perform important online tasks from these venues. This service is a high speed, user-friendly and reliable one.

Option one - Free-to-owner - The deploys, manages and maintains a Wi-Fi hotspot at your location and you do not have to incur any costs other than the Telkom line and a once off installation cost of R850.00 per reuter.

Option two - Free-to-customer - The deploys, manages and maintains a Wi-Fi hotspot at your location for a nominal fee of R1500 per reuter and installation setup of R285 p/m.