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The Remote login repair

Its as easy as 1,2,3 we login via the internet and solve your computer
problem . This is the fastest and cheapest solution all you need is a
once off setup installation for remote repair solution.

Step 1: Download the file from the link: REMOTE DESKTOP

Step 2:  Once this is downloaded , open the file and click connect

PC Carry In Support

Bring your faulty computer to us and we will solve all your computer
issues, install software , install new gadgets, remove viruses and
teach you everything and anything  that you need to know about your

On-site support at your office and home

We come to you.

We fix all your computer problems, install your WI-FI network, install
your new computer peripherals,  setup your media centre and any other
pc or multimedia related requirements in your house or office

Network and wireless cabling

In this fast moving world network cabling infrastructure has become a
crucial part of any business. Our team of experts will setup your
network cabling in your office and arrange for internet and network

Work faster

Is your computer a little slow and in need of an enhanced performance,
but you donít feel ready to trade it in for a better model?

We can assist you by making use of the following computer tools to
speed up your computer and ensure it works at its optimal: Disk
Booster, Spyware removal, hardware diagnostics test, Windows 7,VISTA
and XP tweaking.